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Failure-free and durable technologies in production

The purpose of the Well automation company is to deliver trouble-free and durable technologies exactly according to the customer’s task, for the customer’s profit and productivity, in order that the machines and automated production lines can produce without downtimes with better efficiency, reliably and with a long service life.

We specialize in delivering ​of complete technology solutions​ that can solve customer’s problems.
We focus on production, modernisation, optimisation and implementation, including installation, programming, putting the equipment into operation, technical support, staff training and after-sales service in the field:


Machines and production lines’ parts in industrial automation.


Checking the products, presence, position, completeness and products’ quality by intelligent smart cameras image processing.

2D and 3D measurement

Accurate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional (2D/3D) measurement of products and checking product’s dimensions with 2D/3D scanners.


Optimizing of production and control processes to ensure the continuity of production.

Static electricity

Removing problems caused by static electricity in industry.

Services and consulting

Delivering of engineering services, trainings, consulting and technical support to solve the needs of customers in industry.


We help our customers to solve their problems in various production fields.

Excellent knowledge of a wide range of components and production lines’ processes allows us to design ​optimal solutions for more efficient and reliable technologies.

Please contact us with your request in any area of automated production:

  • Automobile industry and suppliers of components for automobile factories
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Metallurgical industry, engineering industry, rubber industry
  • Food and drink industry
  • Plastics industry and package production
  • Engineering industry, machines and equipment production
  • Others…
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Videos – how we helped

Presné detekovanie polohy plechu počas lisovania

Riešenie požiadavky zákazníka na presné detekovanie polohy plechu počas lisovania.

Rozpoznávanie typov zadných svetiel

Snímač typu HK12PB8 od Wenglor Sensoric na rozpoznávanie typov zadných svetiel automobilu.

Odstránenie zlepovania sa panelov

Pomohli sme odstrániť zlepovanie sa panelov pri manipulácii s nimi. Pri zdvíhaní PUR panelov vznikal medzi nimi statický elektrický náboj, ktorý sme odstránili ionizačnými lištami a tým sme odstránili pôvodný problém zlepovania sa panelov. Manipulácia je teraz spoľahlivá, efektívna, výroba je bez výpadkov.

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well automation

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Trade Name: Well automation, s.r.o.
Company Address: Partizánska cesta 456/76, 97401 Banská Bystrica
Phone: +421 48 4152 678
GPS: 48°44'26.00"N, 19°9'54.90"E
CRN: 36760340
VAT ID: SK2022353135


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